Welcome to Aayan Auto

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company (Aayan Auto) is the operational arm of Aayan Leasing Holding Company in Kuwait, and it is completely owned by it. Aayan Auto was formed to provide you with the highest level in all services in order to distinguish you in your daily life.


Aayan Auto elevate its customers by offering a wide range of new and used cars to clients that satisfies all tastes and desires through two main products. The Operational Leasing program allows clients to select any of the new cars available in this service for long term lease; as you deserve the best. Since Aayan Auto was one of the first to offer this service in the Kuwaiti market back in 1999 it is definitely the most capable to meet your desires and fulfill your wishes.

As for used vehicles they are displayed at used cars showrooms (Mudalala) where clients will find like new used cars since they are of new models, which Aayan ensures its quality, where every car in the showroom is treated as if it is the whole showroom in terms of attention and care. Most used cars come from Aayan Auto’s returns from the operational leasing program, meaning they were under our care and attention from the outset as they are usually subject to periodical maintenance either in the dealer’s repair shops or Aayan’s garages.

Dear Customer, if you are looking for excellence, prosperity and fulfillment of your desires, you certainly are looking for Aayan Auto, it is the golden fingers that brings you everything you want, and more.

We invite you to browse around in our site and discover the many advantages and services Aayan Auto offers to its clients, and to search and select the vehicle of your choice through our interactive electronic services.