Corporate lease

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company believes in the importance of coping with the needs of its customers, including companies and government institutions, which are characterized with promptness dynamicity and high productivity, we have designed a set of services that fulfill their needs and achieve their desires.

Aayan is a leading company in the field of providing operational leasing product especially tailored for companies and organizations. As we always seek attainment of better understanding for our customers' needs and provide value added services, which gives us distinction over competitors.

Operational leasing product is the perfect solution for any organization seeking successful business through relying on Aayan Auto as its main choice due to the company's advanced services and carefully designed products.

  • Companies and businesses of various sizes (Small, Mediuam and Large).
  • Companies and Productive Projects.
  • Operational and Maintenance Companies.
  • Contracting and Construction Companies.
  • Real Estate Development and Investment Companies.
  • Information Technology and Digital Applications Sector Companies.
  • Services Sector Companies (Transportation, Communications, Education, etc).
  • Governmental Authorities and Bodies.