Call Center & Emergency:

The Call Center at Aayan Auto offers a wide range of services. It answers customers inquiries about Aayan’s products and services, and handles other procedures such as completion of sales and operating leases transactions; the centre also offers all types of commercial calculations that client needs before his contract with the company and also provides customers with the latest promotions, which change from time to time. In addition to assess the financial and credit position for customers who want to complete their transactions by telephone, in order to save time. In addition to receiving clients complains and suggestions.
The Call Center saves customers time and effort by performing many services over the phone without requiring the customer to be present to complete his transactions.
The Call Center serves customers from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Sat. through Thu.
Moreover, the call center receives and handles emergency service calls from clients who encounter unexpected troubles with their vehicles on the road, or have accidents. The emergency line is open 24 hour/day to achieve maximum extent of comfort and luxury at the highest level of outstanding service through:

- Secure roadside assistance 24 hours which include malfunctions and accidents, and do not include flat tires and running out of gasoline.
- Receive customer calls to inquire on the status of their cars in our garages.
- Call customers when their cars are ready for pickup at our service centers.
-Alternative car reservations in advance.