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Aayan Auto

<p>Aayan Leasing Holding Company</p>
Aayan Leasing Holding Co.

We are pleased to welcome you in Aayan Kuwait Auto Co. website, which we were keen to supply with information about all company services and products, in addition to means of electronic payments and certificates and documents requests, in an effort to simplify and ease procedures for our dear clients. A’ayan Leasing and Investment Co. began its operations in 1999, and quickly became a leader and pioneer in the Operational Leasing field due to the sophisticated services and distinguished performance and luxury it offered to its customers. With the growth and widening of A'ayan activities and expansion in various fields, the company decided to separate the auto sector into an independent company allowing it to provide better services to clients, services of high quality and sophistication, through focus on Operational Leasing and auto activities in general; which opens the doors for the new company to further develop and expand. Thus came the establishment of Aayan Kuwait Auto Co.

Aayan Auto is very keen to provide the best services to its clients through its branches in Kuwait, utilizing the most modern technologies. Aayan is continuously working on developing services via concentration on speed delivery, easiness of procedures, and creation of additional new products and services that fulfills and exceeds clients expectations, whether individuals or organizations. Company team make every effort to provide the best services and to overcome all the difficulties that may face the client.

Through our website you will be able to get familiar with company activities, news, available vehicles, new offers, ways to carry out transactions, and the needed documents.

Again, welcome to your company’s website.