Company Profile

Aayan Kuwait Auto Company was established for the purpose of selling an, buying, and leasing cars. Leasing is the strategic activity for Aayan. Aayan maintained leadership in operational leasing due to dedicated efforts to complete leasing activities that include insurance and maintenance services and reselling of returned leased assets to secondary markets, through our used cars selling outlets such as Mudalala, in addition to other selling outlets within Kuwait and abroad.

The company offers leasing services for individuals and organizations by means of operational leasing program. Customers attain the car that fulfills their needs and desires, whether it is a salon, SUV, or truck, through leasing that is compatible with Islamic Sharia provisions, and in accordance with agreed Sharia terms.


Providing our customers with the best of leasing services through our staff professionalism in order to promote shareholders’ rights and achieve the highest revenues through distinct relation with suppliers according to Islamic Sharia provisions.


Pioneering in offering leasing services in the markets in which we operate.